Capung Asri Ubud

    Private pool jungle villas with elements of healing + touches of luxury

    Experience the allure of Capung Asri, a unique eco boutique sanctuary offering three exquisite chakra-inspired private pool villas and top-tier hospitality. Our fusion of luxury and holistic healing creates an atmosphere where modern and traditional designs intertwine, each detail laden with profound significance.

    Nestled just outside Ubud, this verdant haven provides a serene escape, empowering guests to curate their exclusive retreat. Our diverse offerings include enlightening tours, indigenous Balinese healing sessions, chakra activation yoga, mindful meditation, and indulgent spa treatments, fostering a personalized journey towards rejuvenation and inner balance.

    Our Pool Villas
    • Welcome to Villa Aventurine representing the Heart Chakra, which makes it a powerful villa for calming negative emotions such as anger that often gets stuck in the heart center.Make yourself at home and welcome into your heart these healing vibrations to support your next big decision and embrace your experience at Capung Asri. Trust yourself, trust your heart, and trust the process.

    • Immerse yourself in total spirituality and protection while staying in our Villa Amethyst. As the healing stone for the Crown Chakra, Amethyst attracts positive and healing energies by cleansing the aura and balancing physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

    • Feeling blue doesn't always have to be a bad thing, especially in our magnificent Villa Sodalite representing the third-eye chakra. Looking to tap more into your spiritual side or are you having trouble dealing with the anxieties of life? This blue oasis is the perfect spot to dive a bit deeper into yourself.

    The Capung Experience

    Remote & Tranquil Location

    Sheltered within a small Balinese village and surrounded by the lush greenery of jungle and rice fields, Capung Asri is the perfect place for a peaceful, private, and relaxing holiday. Located a short distance from the hustle and bustle of Ubud Center, Capung Asri offers an authentic, remote Balinese experience in a private setting, far from any noise or disturbances. We offer private and tranquil villas surrounded by the enchanting sounds and greenery of Mother nature.

    Create Your Own Private Retreat

    Ubud has much to offer but we understand some people like to stay put. That’s why we are happy to arrange everything for you, even before you arrive. We offer unique treatments and services to create a custom itinerary using a combination of different healing activities and self-care treatments such as enlightening tours, local Balinese healing sessions, chakra activation yoga, mindful meditation, spa treatments, and more!

    Exceptional Service & Security

    This is your holiday and our job is to make sure you enjoy every minute of it, free of any stress. Our first-class staff are always here to help with any questions or suggestions. Ask us about our “Capung Crown VIP Service” and upgrade to the full royal treatment. Our property is monitored by several CCTVs to all public areas and we have on-call staff 24/7 who are happy to cater to your every need.