Capung Asri Ubud

Our Concept

Rediscover Yourself at Capung Asri

At Capung Asri, our concept is to curate an environment that facilitates self-discovery and rejuvenation amidst a tranquil and customized setting. We’ve crafted an oasis of healing and love, tailored for a diverse array of guests seeking an enriching experience.

Tailored for Tranquility Seekers

Our resort is a haven for honeymooners, romancers, self-discoverers, yogis, and healers. We’ve meticulously designed every aspect with these unique individuals in mind. To preserve the serene ambiance, we’ve reserved our luxury boutique resort for guests aged 16 and above. However, should you wish to book the entire resort (all three villas) for a group, exceptions will naturally be considered.

Beyond Romance and Yoga: Perfect for Reunions and Intimate Events

Capung Asri not only beckons to romantics, yoga enthusiasts, and soul searchers but also serves as an ideal venue for small family reunions and intimate weddings. Our setting is versatile, offering a backdrop for unforgettable moments and cherished gatherings.

The Name

Discover the Essence of Capung Asri

At Capung Asri, our name encapsulates a profound narrative, weaving together two meaningful elements—Capung and Asri—symbolizing our vision and the serene ambiance we offer.


Capung: The Dragonfly Symbol

A universally recognized symbol of change, adaptability, and self-realization, the dragonfly embodies transformation and the deeper understanding of life. Across the world, it signifies mental and emotional growth, embracing the evolution that leads to profound self-realization.


Asri: A Lush Haven

Envision a place where beauty soothes the eye and tranquility permeates the senses. Asri describes an environment characterized by lushness, offering a serene view, abundant greenery, and a soothing atmosphere. It evokes a sense of calm, offering a space where natural elements harmonize to create a peaceful oasis.

At Capung Asri, the synergy of these elements defines our commitment to providing a space for transformation, self-realization, and an environment that calms the senses. The fusion of these meanings forms the core of our ethos, fostering a haven where change, growth, and tranquility converge harmoniously.

The Theme

Nestled just beyond the vibrant streets of Ubud, Capung Asri presents a haven of tranquility and renewal. Our essence revolves around a fusion of luxury and holistic healing, shaping an experience that transcends the ordinary.

Chakra-Inspired Private Pool Villas

Discover three captivating private pool villas, each meticulously designed and infused with the energy of different chakras. Embrace the serenity of these spaces, where every detail signifies a deeper significance. Modern yet rooted in tradition, the designs at Capung Asri tell a story of mindful balance and inner harmony.

A Unique Boutique Oasis

Capung Asri stands as a “unique + boutique” gem, providing first-class service and a sanctuary for both luxury and healing. Here, guests immerse themselves in a lush ambiance that nurtures the spirit. It’s not just a stay; it’s an opportunity to curate your personal retreat, shaping your journey through a tapestry of healing activities and self-care treatments.

Craft Your Personal Retreat

Enrich your experience with enlightening tours, indigenous Balinese healing sessions, chakra activation yoga, mindful meditation, and spa treatments. The combination of these activities forms the fabric of your personalized retreat, allowing you to tailor your experience to align with your intentions and goals.

At Capung Asri, our aim is to provide an atmosphere where guests can explore, heal, and rejuvenate in an environment that blends opulence with holistic wellness.

The Capung Experience

Welcome to Capung Asri: Your Oasis in Ubud. As our guest, you will be treated as if you were the only person in Bali.


Nestled within a quaint Balinese village and embraced by the verdant tapestry of jungle and rice fields, Capung Asri beckons as the ultimate destination for a tranquil, private, and rejuvenating holiday.


Escape the urban buzz with a short distance from Ubud Center, finding solace at Capung Asri. Our villa is more than a stay; it’s an unparalleled experience, coupling an ideal location with facilities designed to exceed your expectations. Enjoy affordable luxury with a touch of uniqueness—we’re dedicated to ensuring a stay that’s not just pleasant but memorable.


At Capung Asri, our commitment goes beyond the ordinary. Our staff is more than just service; they’re your family away from home, delivering our signature “Crown VIP Service.” Nothing is too small when it comes to perfecting your stay. Let our Capung Butlers take care of every detail, providing personalized service that surpasses all expectations.


Amidst the endless offerings of Bali and Ubud, return to a haven that unwinds the day’s chaos. Whether it’s lounging by your private pool or indulging in our partners’ exclusive yoga, meditation, art, or healing classes, we’ve tailored a space for your relaxation. And if you seek a tailored retreat, count on us. Choose from our packages or craft a bespoke itinerary—we’re here to make your vision a reality.


Indulge in a unique #CapungExperience where our professional team dedicates themselves to ensuring your stay is nothing short of extraordinary. Feel at home; our promise is that your holiday is not just a stay but an oasis—tailored, personalized, and undoubtedly perfect.


Your journey at Capung Asri is more than a stay; it’s a symphony of experiences, tailored exclusively for you.