Capung Asri Ubud

Our Local Impact

At Capung Asri, we are deeply committed to our local community. Our approach includes forming partnerships and cross-promotional activities with local businesses to support and uplift those in need. We are dedicated to giving back through continuous engagement with non-profit organizations and charities throughout Bali. Our initiatives reflect the rich traditions and culture of the Balinese people, and we pride ourselves on our efforts to assist and empower our neighbors. We actively contribute by volunteering our time and services to various charitable causes. Below are some of the initiatives we are currently involved in.

Sustainable Food Sourcing

We prioritize sourcing all ingredients for our dining options locally, fully supporting local markets and vendors. This practice not only enhances our menus with fresh, local produce but also strengthens the local economy. Every item and material used at our villas is thoughtfully selected to align with the Capung Asri ethos, ensuring authenticity and quality.

Recognizing the significant mental health challenges faced by many Indonesians, our Shuffles and Strides program addresses mental health awareness. This initiative offers Indonesia’s first mental health awareness training for individuals, teams, and corporations, helping them recognize signs, symptoms, and treatments for mental health disorders. Our message of positive mental health extends through our club events and online platforms, asking everyone, “Are you okay today?”

Supporting Local Workers During COVID-19

During the construction of our villas, we solidified our commitment to the local workforce. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we increased collaboration with local artisans, whose expert craftsmanship is evident in every bespoke piece of furniture, art, and artifact within our villas. These efforts not only helped sustain our community during difficult times but also enriched the authentic Balinese experience we offer to our guests.

DIVA Charity

DIVA Charity has been instrumental in raising funds to support education and housing for some of Indonesia’s poorest communities since 2009. Through their monthly lunch events, they continue to raise awareness and funds for several different organizations and charities around Bali. 

The Global Village Foundation Bali (GVF) focuses on improving the lives of the most disadvantaged individuals in Bali and nearby islands by providing essential services and support for those living in extreme poverty, including individuals with severe disabilities. GVF’s initiatives encompass a wide range of activities:

  • Conservation: The Coral Reef Restoration and Turtle Hatchery project at Kalanganyar Beach, initiated in 2016, aims to create a protected marine reserve that supports local employment and sustainable tourism.
  • Rehabilitation Centre: Opened in 2022, the Rehabilitation Therapy Centre offers free services to stroke victims, accident survivors, and children with cerebral palsy, helping them in their recovery process.
  • Mobility Support: GVF partners with international organizations to distribute free wheelchairs to Indonesia’s poorest disabled citizens, enhancing their mobility and quality of life.
  • Education: Through a school sponsorship program, GVF enables education for children who cannot afford it, benefiting 140 children as of September 2022, including many who are orphaned or disabled.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

  • Capung Asri is committed to environmental sustainability, which is integral to our operations and guest experiences. We implement several practices to minimize our environmental impact:
  • Waste Management: We focus on reducing waste by implementing recycling programs and using compostable materials wherever possible.
  • Reusable Items: To decrease single-use plastics, we utilize reusable items throughout our villas and encourage our guests to do the same.
  • Water Conservation in Laundry Services: Our laundry practices are designed to conserve water. We use eco-friendly detergents and technologies that reduce water usage, helping us maintain our commitment to sustainability.

Through these engagements, Capung Asri not only contributes to the local economy and supports vital community services but also offers guests an authentic and impactful Balinese experience, all while maintaining a strong commitment to environmental stewardship.

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